Tempera Paints are an ideal paint for young artists. Brightly coloured and intermixable, Chroma’s line of tempera paints includes washable paints, glitter paints, pearlescent paints and even fluorescent paints that glow under a black light!

  • Chroma 2 Washable Intense & Opaque Classroom Paint

    Chroma 2 Washable paint formula delivers strong colours and thick creamy body while at the same being washable! No longer do you need to accept washable paints lacking in colour…

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  • Chromatemp Artists’ Tempera Paint

    Chromatemp Artists’ Tempera Paints are available in 13 vibrant traditional tempera colors, 12 pearlescent colors and 7 fluorescent colors that glow under a black light.

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  • Chroma Glitter Paint

    Chroma Glitter Paint is a vivid, washable paint with glitter mixed throughout for glitz, glamour and sparkling effects.

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  • Chroma Opaque Poster Colors

    Chroma Opaque Poster Colors are a high grade, professional quality, opaque tempera with a rich pigment formulation that dries to a matte finish.

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  • Aurora Fingerpaint & Washable Tempera

    Aurora Fingerpaint is a rich, brilliant, AP-approved non-toxic opaque finger paint with a creamy consistency that resists chipping and flaking. Aurora Washable Tempera colors are AP-approved non-toxic, ready to use,…

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