Acrylic Paints are best suited for artists aged 10+. Teacher, parent and artist approved, Chroma’s highly pigmented, water-resistant acrylics are available in a range of viscosities, from fluid to heavy-bodied, allowing artists of any age to explore a wide variety of creative techniques.

  • Chromacryl Students’ Acrylic

    Chromacryl Students' Acrylic is a fast-drying, water-based acrylic paint that offers limitless possibilities and applications in the art classroom and at home.

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  • Chromacryl Acrylic Essentials

    Chromacryl Acrylic Essentials offer teachers the opportunity to use a quality acrylic paint at an economical price. Water-based and AP-approved non-toxic, it is a great value in your classroom and…

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  • Chromacryl Fluid Concentrate

    Chromacryl Fluid concentrate offers 16 beautiful matte colours. These fluid paints dry to a velvety matte finish and have been described as ‘beautifully vibrant and matte’. They offer exceptional value…

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  • Chroma Molten Metals Metallic Acrylic

    Chroma Molten Metals Metallic Acrylics possess superb coverage and dry rapidly to a brilliant, silky, metallic finish.

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