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Jo Sonja Gel Retarder

  • Jo Sonja Gel Retarder

    Chroma’s Jo Sonja Gel Retarder delays the drying time of paint without thinning it, allowing for the blendability of oils with the ease of acrylics.

  • Characteristics
    Use for the blendability of oils with the ease of acrylics
    Use to delay drying time of paint
    Great for antiquing techniques
    AP-approved non-toxic
    Clean up with soap and water
    Hair dryer may be used to speed surface drying
    Available in 250ml bottles
    Approx. coverage: 1 oz = 3 sq ft
  • Techniques
    A painting medium, moisten the brush with Gel Retarder and blend well with colour. If paint drags during painting, refresh by picking up additional Gel Retarder in the brush and repeat palette blending.
    Apply a thin coat of Gel Retarder directly to the surface for an extended working time.
    Retarder Medium may be used to thin Gel Retarder and decrease the ‘open time’ as needed for your area. Begin with a ratio of 1 part Gel Retarder to 1 part Retarder.
    Gel Retarder may be mixed directly into palette colours beginning with an approximate ratio of 1 part Gel Retarder to 3 parts paint.
    For antiquing, thin colour with Gel Retarder. Ratio is determined by strength of colour desired. Begin with 2 parts paint to 1 part Gel Retarder. Apply over the painted surface and wipe to create desired effect. Use Gel Retarder on a cloth to remove excess.
    When using Gel Retarder, drying time is greatly delayed. Surface may feel dry and still be holding moisture. A hair dryer may be used to speed surface drying. An extended dry and cure time should be allowed and varies due to humidity and climatic conditions.
    A coat of Flow Medium, Magic Mix or Clear Glaze Medium is recommended prior to application of varnish. Any ‘seizing’ or curdling of these products indicates the presence of uncured Gel Retarder. Immediately stop application and dry completely before proceeding.
    Do not apply Gel Retarder over Clear Glaze Medium or Magic Mix. Gel Retarder will dissolve Clear Glaze Medium or Magic Mix in patches. Clear Glaze Medium may be applied over DRIED and CURED Gel Retarder.

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