• 40ml-Archival-Flow-Gel-Medium
  • 120ml-Archival-Flow-Gel-Medium

Archival Oils Flow Gel Medium

  • Archival Oils Flow Gel Medium

    Archival OIls Flow Gel Medium is a liquid/gel that breaks to a fluid when brushed and sets to a non-liquid state when “at rest”, making fluid but non-drip techniques easy to control. It is useful for glazing and is fast drying.

  • Characteristics
    Unique gel medium that allows for controlled, loose painting
    Fast-drying (about 3 hours)
    Contains low odor solvent - requires ventilation
    Available in 40ml tubes
    Available in 120ml tubes
    Available in 300ml cartridges
    Available in 4 litre bottles
  • Techniques
    Liquefies when brushed into so you can blend easily
    Stays at rest when not disturbed
    Good for glazing

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