Chromacryl Mediums make painting with Chromacryl Students Acrylic even more versatile for students and hobby artists. They are used with acrylic paint to manipulate the consistency and properties of paint for an infinite variety of applications and techniques, whether it be screen printing, paper-mache, textile painting or glass paint. Chromacryl Mediums are an essential complement to your painting process and are AP-approved non-toxic.

  • Chromacryl Painting Medium/Varnish

    Chromacryl Painting Medium/Varnish is the most versatile medium: it provides good colour saturation and is ideal for enriching and protecting finished artworks.

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  • Chromacryl Impasto Gel Medium

    Chromacryl Impasto Gel Medium is a thick acrylic gel used to exaggerate the textural capabilities of the paint.

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  • Chromacryl Pouring Medium

    Use Chromacryl Pouring Medium to create smooth, even puddles and ribbons of color for paint pours.

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  • Chromacryl Binder Medium

    Chromacryl Binder Medium is an excellent primer used to seal and prepare all painting surfaces for better adhesion.

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  • Chromacryl Clear Gel Medium

    Clear Gel Medium is great as a paint extender and for transparent glazing techniques. Ideal for monoprinting and overprinting,

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  • Chromacryl Retarder

    Has been designed to stop paint from drying quickly. Adding about 10% Retarder Medium to colour by volume will slow the drying time considerably. This product is also great for…

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  • Chromacryl Textile Medium

    Add Chromacryl Textile Medium to create a fabric paint that once “cured” by heat becomes permanent. Allows freehand painting and block or screen printing on fabrics that won't wash out.

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  • Chromacryl Texture Paste

    Chromacryl Texture Paste is an opaque modelling compound ideal for multiple texturing methods.

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