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Chroma Mural Paint Markers

  • Chroma Mural Paint Markers

    With a synthetic mohair tip, artists can use lightfast Chroma Mural Paint Markers for a variety of strokes and distinctive marks and to cover wide areas quickly and easily.

  • Characteristics
    Chroma Mural Paint Markers come in 25 expressive colours
    Use for indoor and outdoor murals
    Lightfast, weather and water-resistant paint
    Unique glow in the dark colour, Aura
    Synthetic mohair, 0 .75" dabber tip
    Available in 120ml synthetic mohair dabber bottles
  • Techniques
    Great for writing and outlining
    Use for colouring community murals
    For best results, seal surface prior to painting and varnish when cured
    Unique neon colours (non-lightfast) glow under a black light
    For more best practices, please refer to the Mural Paint Brochure under "Resources"

Chroma Mural Paint Tutorials

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