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Atelier Pouring Medium is our gold standard for acrylic pouring. This gorgeous medium is the star of the show kind of product! Atelier Pouring Medium is a high gloss, low-viscosity, high-grade medium that keeps your acrylics separated when poured onto a surface. What makes our Atelier Pouring Medium so special? Well, quite a few things really – it all starts with what we put into it.

We use the best possible materials that have been rigorously quality tested. Atelier Pouring Medium is made up of various raw materials such as binders and diluting agents. These raw materials are carefully selected by our chemists and have passed their incredibly stringent quality measures. They test to ensure that the final product will be archival, non-yellowing and will enhance the properties of acrylic paints that it is mixed with. To make a great pouring medium, the medium needs to have integrity as it dries, no matter the ratio used when mixed with acrylic paint. Drying integrity refers to the medium drying without cracking, crazing or an uneven surface, and Atelier Pouring Medium maintains exceptional integrity. This makes it the perfect medium for professional artists who need a product they can rely on!

One of the most common complaints when it comes to acrylic pouring is that the artwork changes SO much as it dries. Atelier Pouring Medium gives you the highest level of control in your pouring and it will not move as it dries. In saying that, you need to ensure that your surface is level, as not even the best paint wizard could create something that doesn’t move when the surface is uneven.

Acrylic Pouring is an expressive, exciting and enjoyable art practice and we want to help you get the best possible outcome with each painting. Atelier Pouring Medium is designed to keep your colours vibrant, lightfast and true in your artwork. The glossy finish and ultra-clear properties of the medium enhance the appearance of your colours, so you can relax knowing you are using only the best. We recommend mixing Atelier Pouring Medium with our Atelier Free Flow Acrylic Paints. These paints have a fluid consistency and are loaded with professional-grade, lightfast pigments. This means that their colours are ultra-intense and the pigments will not fade over time. There is so much a good pouring medium you can do for you, but it’s so important to use quality paints with it. Using low quality acrylics will make your artwork appear dull; you may notice a big difference in colours as it dries. Additionally, one of the main factors in crazing or cracking is using low quality paint.

The best ratio to mix for acrylic pouring is 1 part Atelier Free Flow Acrylic to 3 parts Atelier Pouring Medium (1 part paint:3 parts medium). This can be tweaked depending on what effects and styles you are drawn to. Because these products are designed to be mixed together you can use any ratio, and your artwork will have drying integrity and the colours will be vibrant and lightfast. A ratio of 1 part Atelier Free Flow Acrylic to 10 parts Atelier Pouring Medium (1 part paint:10 parts medium) will give you a faster moving, high gloss work and increase the transparencies of some colours (which can result in gorgeous effects!) A ratio of 1 part Atelier Free Flow Acrylic to 1 part Atelier Pouring Medium (1 part paint:1 part medium) will give you a slower moving consistency, crisp colour blocks and edges, a satin finish and colours will be opaque. No matter which you choose, it’s important to be consistent with your paint ratios. If not they will move at different speeds and this can lead to an uneven surface when dried.

Atelier Pouring Medium is an exceptionally high quality, professional-grade material, giving you the best outcome in all acrylic poured artworks! So don’t be shy – pick out your favourite colours in our Atelier Free Flow Acrylic paint range, get some Atelier Pouring Medium and prepare to get messy!

Our final tip is to practice on a small canvas first, and then when happy with your colours and design, go big! Atelier Pouring Medium is after all the BEST for any sized work. If you can imagine it, Atelier Pouring Medium can create it!

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